Overcoming the Want to Break 'No Contact'

Branching out from the December 2022 Newsletter, survivors go through that season of wanting to break no contact for several reasons. We learn later on that breaking no contact only leads to further mental gymnastics from the narcissistic abuser. 

Narcissistic abusers want us to break 'no contact' for several reasons, and the primary one is to see if they can weasel their way back into our lives. They also want to see what we are up to, how far we have made it in the healing process, and to see if what they did worked to try and destroy us. After all, as stated on YouTube and elsewhere, the devil is not omnipresent like God is. 

So the devil cannot know anything unless we tell a human host of demon spirits or anyone in general. Our words are powerful. God tells us this too. Hence why we must be more mindful of what we speak, type, or share. The spiritual battle is very real as the enemy will try to get into our subconscious to gain an illusion of control over our thoughts. Breaking 'no contact' with one of his flying monkeys will allow him to gain that illusion of control. 

It can be tempting to break no contact because of lingering feelings of sorrow and hope for the abuser, but we learn that those are temporary too. We realize that the abuser doesn't want to change and that is another way we lose that want to break no contact. After all, an adult who should know better than to dish out abuse but keeps doing it lets us know they don't want to change. They prefer their comfort zone where nothing grows and to keep doing what they believe is "normal" by dishing out more abuse. 

Remaining no contact is important so that we can continue to grow, mature, and evolve as we are supposed to in Christ. The God spirit doesn't want us hanging onto the past and He wants us to heal so we can do His perfect will. For more information and insight, you can always watch and listen to the YouTube videos to help you level up in your healing and spiritual growth with CHA ministry! 


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