Overcoming Feeling Awkward Post-Narcissistic Abuse

One of the many trauma triggers that people struggle with is that feeling ofawkwardness when in certain environments. As it they are just standing there and no one sees them. Oh, believe me, they see you...

We learn that narcissistic abusers are the ones who feel awkward in different environments when no one is paying "attention" to them. Meaning they think that they should be the center of attention everywhere they go and will project their feelings of awkwardness outward to anyone who is nearby. We learn to not internalize that feeling of awkwardness once we know it is not coming from the Godhead within us. 

They feel awkward because they have the demon of impatience and they believe that when standing still, alone in line or anywhere they are physically alone, that people are looking at them. News flash! No one is looking at them like they think they are. No one cares they are standing in line. Narcissistic abusers cannot stand the fact that "no one cares" they are standing in line or that no one cares what they think. 

When we finally grasp that no one cares what we think, we can stop caring what they think cause what they think does not matter. Narcissistic abusers never outgrow the trait of caring of what others think. Inside the game of narcissism is a thing called "always get the opinions of others for feedback." Hosh posh. Doesn't matter what they think. 

What matters is what God thinks and what you think because thoughts are spiritual power. We learn to stop letting that feeling of awkwardness creep in when aware of it so we don't let the enemy inside our subconscious mind. We also stop letting that demon of awkwardness get inside by learning how to deal with toxic coworkers, a course that benefits anyone looking for tried and true steps for dealing with toxic, narcissistic people in any environment at CHA Academy! 




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