Oh, How that Demon of Doubt Lingers...

As we continue to heal from abuse, we start to recognize the negative side effects and the "narcissistic fleas" that attached to us. I call those fleas demon spirits and trauma triggers since that is precisely what they are. Low level demon spirits and we can overcome them! 

The demon of doubt, like all demonic spirits, by itself isn't too powerful that we cannot get out from under its stronghold. How is the demon of doubt related to that trauma bond? 

The demon of doubt causes us to lose faith in our abilities, convincing us that we are not good enough for our passion or dream. It loves to trick us into thinking we cannot achieve what God put in us to achieve. When riddled with doubt, we get tricked into believing the opposite about ourselves too. It is rather wild how this happens. Then, eventually, the demon of doubt will cause us to lose our faith in God - the ultimate goal of the enemy. 

It has been revealed to me that when we divulge our dreams and passions to do righteous and noble things, until we know we are dealing with narcissistic abusers, we don't realize they will shoot down every attempt we make to fulfill that passion or dream. The abuse they dish out will cause us to become so distracted from our purpose that it will end up on the back burner. 

That is what the enemy wants. Our dreams and goals to go on the back burner - forever. Evil does not want us to do good and righteous things that will please the Heavenly Father. The demon of doubt creeps in and makes itself at home inside our minds. Like I say in the newsletter, it will cause us to get comfortable inside the comfort zone, tricking us into being afraid to learn new things. That's where the trauma bond to the world lives - inside that comfort zone. 

The narcissistic abusers are afraid to learn new things and so they project that fear outward onto others. Remember that fear is the very breeding ground for the abuse. It is the foundation for all the abuse everyone endures on a daily basis. Learn more about that here for valuable information to overcome fear. When we overcome fear, we start to see all those demon spirits and learn to rebuke them in Jesus's name. 

The same is done with that demon of doubt. Never forget that we are capable of doing so much more than the world tried to trick us into believing about ourselves. The action steps in the newsletter will help you re-discover your talents that are very much inside you to carry out God's purpose for you. We all have a purpose! None of God's children were put here without a purpose. 

But the demon of doubt wants you to forget about that and succumb to the ways of the world, following the crowd and obeying the devil himself. The abuse we endure is all about mind control and if the demon of doubt can reside inside the mind long enough, as stated in other videos and elsewhere, that leaves a portal open for other demon spirits to attach to the mind. 

I am going to remind everyone that you are unique and talented the way God made you. The enemy wants to change you. Got a passion for writing? Good news! There are a ton of opportunities for you to get your writings published, whether it be a blog like this one, a book, an audiobook, or even a simple magazine. I can help you research and find an outlet that you will like. 

Got a passion for singing? Dancing? Going to college? Whatever it is that your are passionate about is what God put in you to do! Let's explore that passion together in a session, available Tuesdays through Sundays every week, and unpack that bag of gifts inside you! I also offer spiritual guidance for healing and spiritual growth. God puts many things inside of us that the enemy doesn't want us to discover, but when we do, we find out we wear many hats. 

And let's not forget about the lighter side of doubt, as it does come with a little cognitive dissonance as well. When we say the following, don't be deceived as the phrases are not an indicator that we have the demon of doubt attached to us. These are just common phrases that everyone says. 


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