The Seasons of Life for Growth and Meaning

Life has many stages, also known as seasons, that we all go through at different times. Each season has a different meaning for each person, and God’s plan is also different for everyone. 

What is happening in this season of your life? We all wonder, at some point, what is the purpose of life? We wonder if there is a meaning to things that happen to and for us. Sometimes, we find ourselves involved in things that don’t turn out the way we expect them to. 

Some people will react to the unpleasant feeling of disappointment negatively and some react positively. How we choose to react determines the level of growth we will experience. There is a lot of resistance to change and it is human nature to prefer things the old way. However, that is what is called the comfort zone. 

You probably have heard the saying that nothing grows in the comfort zone, and that means you won’t grow into the next season of your life. After all, we are meant to grow spiritually, but if trapped inside that zone, personal growth becomes obsolete. It is sad to watch many stay in that comfort zone, watching their dreams go down the drain. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. When we notice a shift in our awareness, we start to wonder what else is out there waiting to be discovered. But before we can begin that journey, we must discover the things already inside of us that will be useful tools for that exploration. 

Without knowing what tools are in that bag, given to us by God the Father, we cannot possibly know how to handle the next season of our life. You wouldn’t go fishing in the deep ends of the ocean without a boat, so we cannot go on to explore the unknown without being prepared. 

Preparation is part of our seasonal life changes, and once we accept the fact we cannot control the change, we can begin to unpack that bag of talents on loan from God. There is a big world out there and lots of opportunities to help you figure out your purpose. You have a purpose in this life, one specially made for you by God the Father. 

And once you find that purpose, the meaning of life is no longer a blurry concept.

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