Learning to Accept Being Lied to About a Lot of Things Since Birth

Another part of the spiritual trauma healing process is learning to accept we have been lied to since birth about a lot of things. The same acceptance phases for accepting being lied to by a narcissistic abuser apply to this phase too. 

Once we realize the narcissistic abuser lied to us about who they are, what they are, and what they do, we start to see the same patters of narcissistic abuse on the societal level. This is not a coincidence, the prince of darkness operates in the fallen world, aka the narcissistic matrix. It does take time to accept that the world started grooming us to tolerative the abuse since birth and in turn, we believed the lies the world told us about us and many things. 

We got tricked into thinking there was something wrong with us and that is why things happened the way they did and why we were abused. All of that is complete and utter nonsense, lies from the devil himself. As God's chosen children, we come realize there is nothing wrong with us! We are fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image. The world never wanted us to see the potential that God put on the inside of us to shine and help others heal and grow. 

Iron sharpens iron, right? The narcissistic matrix doesn't want people to succeed and will do whatever it can to try and convince people they don't have a voice, they don't have a stand, and they don't have a chance. All lies! You do have a stand, a voice, and a place on the planet. You do have a purpose. You do mean something and you are worthy. God chose you out of this world to make a difference for others in a positive way. 

Once you can see that a lot of things we were taught by the world are lies, we begin to discover who we are in Christ and step into our divine purpose that will make a positive impact on others, inspiring them to become the best version of themselves. Learning to let go of negativity and embracing the unknown are two fundamental things that we must do while taking leaps of faith. 

The fallen world would rather keep people living in fear so they don't take leaps of faith and get out of that comfort zone where nothing grows. And it does take time to accept that we have been lied to since birth about a lot of things concerning how we should live, eat, dress, and behave. We learn how we are to live and behave by listening to God and staying immersed in His word daily, following His principles and laws above man's laws.

Ready to face truth? Here is a sneak peak at what you will find on the Patreon channel in a video about how the world likes to put man's laws above God's laws. And remember, on that channel we talk about many things pertaining to the rabbit hole and I share some deep personal stories you will not hear about anywhere else. Thank you in advance for becoming a patron member and supporting this ministry and work! Love and light always. 


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