Breaking Trauma Bonds to Items: Trauma Healing

During narcissistic abuse, we get trauma bonded to the abuser and to materialistic things. However, we learn that we were already trauma bonded to things and that’s what made us more susceptible to getting trauma bonded to the abuser in the first place. 

The May 2022 newsletter contains some helpful tips for breaking that trauma bond to items, the materialistic things in this world. Such items range from the television, cellphone, to a car. Branching out from the newsletter, this post expands on the importance of learning to view these things as tools that we use to do the will of God while on planet earth. 

As stated elsewhere, we learn and accept that we are not taking anything with us where Jesus is taking us, and that the things in this world are only meant for us to utilize for doing greater things. A good example is found in the many who use these items to spread God’s word and the gospel of peace. Another example is found in the many who use these items to help save other living beings from something or another, physically speaking. 

Only Jesus can save us spiritually. That said, we learn that the devices are merely tools provided to carry out our purpose, the calling that God put over our lives. Plus, we further understand that materialistic items are temporary. How many times do we replace a phone when it’s time to upgrade? How about when it’s time to get another vehicle? 

Each time something needs replacing, that’s another meaning to God doing a new thing, getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Another part of that trauma bond to items stems from fear of change, coupled with the fear of losing things. As you will notice, that fear of change is what keeps many in their comfort zone. The enemy wants people to stay in their comfort zone so they don’t learn new things. 

Learning new things will help break that trauma bond to items! Not to mention, learning new things will also help us see more of God’s spiritual truths, which the enemy is afraid of. If you are struggling with that trauma bond to items, hang in there! And that free monthly newsletter is available by signing up at the bottom of this website. For more about breaking trauma bonds, check out these videos for additional insight, food for thought. 

Thank you for reading and for your continued support! 

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