Michelle Dickey, Consultant, Coach, Trauma Specialist, & Author

Professional Employee Hiring Consultations - 2 Weeks Virtual

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Virtual Professional Hiring Consultations - 2 Weeks

Are you a business owner and employer who wants to know if a potential applicant is lying? As a behavioral analyst consultant and trauma specialist, I can help you with the hiring process to determine if a potential employee is lying about the information they submitted on the application. I can tell you if the potential employee is toxic or non-toxic.

This consultation is for employers who wish to prevent unnecessary chaos and drama in the workplace to increase productivity and reduce workplace stress. 

After purchase, we communicate via email, phone, or virtual meeting to set up times and days for me to conduct the interview with the potential employee virtually. We will share the necessary information to set up the interview and I will ask the interview questions provided by you. I will deliver the results to you by your preferred secure method.  

I look forward to working with you and helping you hire the most valuable employees to help your business flourish.  

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