We Stop Caring What Other People Think

During the healing process, we start to realize that people are not thinking about us as much as the world wants us to believe they are. 

When we realize that many truly don’t care what we do, say, what we wear, or what how we live, it becomes much easier to return the favor. While narcissistic abusers do care what others think of them, they fail to realize the truth that we do not care what they look like or what they do. 

We, unlike them, are not judgmental like that, but they assume we are because they are. More about how the abusers judge by outward appearances here and how they do care what others think of them here. But how about when we learn to stop caring what others think? 

How does that work? For starters, we realize more and more as God continues to lift that brain fog that many out there don’t think about us like we were programmed to believe. When it comes to the narcissistic abuser, they only think of us when things get boring for them. We learn to ignore their hoovers and keep going. 

Secondly, we get in our purpose and fall in love with it! After all, that purpose is from God to do great and righteous things for the greater good. We as empaths have a natural desire to help others in whatever way God put in us to do so. In this process we learn to put God first and what that means is explained here

Third, when God restores our natural self-confidence, we see how many out there are more concerned with themselves than they are about us. For example, I wanted to host a local meeting to discuss some important things to help raise awareness about the narcissistic abuse all around us. I asked a local resident if they would be willing to join us and their response was full of excuses for not being able to do so. The translation is that they didn’t want to and that’s all they had to say, but instead they rolled out excuses. They didn’t care. 

Fourth, we test the spirit of others like God tells us to when embarking on a project to see if they are interested or not. There are many ways to do that and it will depend on the situation as to what we do to test the spirit. Once the person does what the local resident did in the previous example with excuses, then we know they don’t care. There is a certain spiritual energy they emit outward while giving those excuses, and a sideways look with eyes shifted down is a real good indicator they are trying to make us feel unworthy for the cause. 

And finally, we learn that many are quite comfortable in the comfort zone, asleep and crept in unawares. As long as whatever we are doing doesn’t affect them directly, they don’t care and they prefer to stay asleep. We learn to ignore them and keep going because we know there are others out there who will be interested and want to help or join our cause. 

We also need to remember that we must self-check ourselves too. After all, are we interested in every cause or movement out there? Absolutely not. That’s another way we learn to stop caring what they think. An assessment of our goals and purpose will reveal that when they don't care, and if we are not interested, we don't care either. In turn, we stop caring what they think and stay all about our Heavenly Father's business. 

An old saying that fits this post is, "What other people think of us is none of our business." Plus, we realize that what they think is just their opinion and everyone has one. 

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