The Season of Questioning Everything Post Narcissistic Abuse

We enter a season where we begin questioning a lot of things post narcissistic abuse. After all, once we see the true colors of the abuser we naturally start to question things about them and ourselves. 

It is part of the healing process once God awakens us to and from the abuse to question all that we had been taught about humanity. We never knew this type of evil existed inside a human being! The narcissistic abuse is not only witchcraft but also designed to try and keep the enemy hidden in plain sight. 

We didn’t know about the emotional and psychological aspects of the abuse while it was happening. We learn of these things post-abuse as we research and question all the behaviors of the narcs. Then God answers more questions through scripture and we begin to see the bigger picture that we live in a fallen world that is full of narcissism and cognitive dissonance. 

Even after we receive answers, more questions arise as we learn more about the spiritual battle for the mind and what it all means. We learn to ask our questions and seek wise counsel as we are instructed to do. We overcome the fear of asking questions! The narcissistic abusers dished out all that abuse to silence us for too long. We find our voice again and start asking questions to God who leads us to the answers, either in the Bible or through one of us who can help others make sense of what is happening. 

Once we gain more wisdom and understanding about what happened and that all of the trials and tribulations were part of the preparation for the spiritual awakening, we gain more clarity. With more clarity, we heal and grow as we are supposed to and keep questioning all that is around us. We learn that we were living inside a narcissistic matrix bubble in the upside-down world. We begin to understand how backwards and twisted the fallen world truly is as it "appears" organized and functional. 

The reality is the fallen world is not organized and is very dysfunctional on a massive level. Then we connect dots to the individual narcissistic abuse and understand more about why the abusers think all of that is normal. We now know that none of that is normal and that we co-create our reality in God's reality! When we realize this and that we are on a world stage, more clarity ensues. We also change that thinking from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance. 

And we no longer believe the lies and deceit being dished out on a daily basis from the narcissistic matrix that is full of fairytale fantasies. 

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