Overcoming Negative Thinking: Learning to Stop Expecting the Worst

Part of the healing process involves learning how to stop expecting the worst to overcome negative thinking patterns. It is another process in and of itself. The good news is that it is totally possible to change our thinking so we start turning negatives into positives! 

We all were conditioned to believe the lies of the world and it takes time to unlearn them while learning new things as we obtain God's wisdom. We see how narcissistic abusers always walk around expecting the worst and they projected that onto us. It is another narc flea we must overcome in the healing and spiritual growth process. 

One significant way to overcome expecting the worst is to develop the 'can do' attitude because, after all, all things are possible with God. Each of us has unique talents and gifts from God sitting inside of us waiting to be discovered! We are unable to focus on discovering what is in us when we allow ourselves to live with a negative thinking pattern. 

As stated often, God is a positive God. We learn how to take what the enemy dishes out and turn it into a positive for the glory of God. What we begin to do is start focusing on what the lessons were and are when we sense or see negativity. For example, when something doesn't go as we planned, we step back and analyze what we could do differently to make whatever it was work out in the next round. 

Plus, things will always go as God plans them to and we learn how this happens by changing our thinking habits. The wicked ones stay focused on problems and they tricked many of us into doing the same. We learn that is not normal as we are problem-solvers. When an issue arises, we seek logical solutions and this is how we turn negatives into positives! 

Remember, when we meet resistance, there is always a way around it. The enemy likes to keep people from reaching their full potential and that is one of many reasons why he dishes out the abuse, tricking people into developing a negative thinking pattern. We learn to push those negative thoughts out and return them to sender - the enemy - in Jesus's name. 

All the negativity out there in the fallen world does not belong to us! We are not seeking perfection because that is a sign of narcissism and contributes to the negative thinking pattern. Seeking perfection always leads to self-disappointment. It is a trick of the enemy. Keep healing and growing fellow warriors! 

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