Developing God-Like Patience | Trauma Healing

As we continue on this journey in the spiritual awakening, God's reality, we learn that we must develop God-like patience because the healing does not happen overnight. Trauma healing is a process and how long it takes is how long it takes! We cannot rush the process. 

Learning how to become more patient takes time and we can do it by allowing ourselves the time and space to heal and not get all caught up in the humdrum of the narcissistic matrix. When we realize the enemy and his flying monkey narcissists are only out to try and steal, kill, and destroy, we learn to step back with patience and analyze the situation. That is what the devil doesn't want us to do - be able to stop and think for ourselves. 

When we start to develop God-like patience, we can think for ourselves a whole lot better and the devil cannot hide in plain sight anymore. We will start to see through all of the evil in this world and know that we don't belong to that and patience is truly a virtue, a gift from God. The game of narcissism on this world stage is all about impatience, "rush-rush" to get ahead of God and when we do that, we mess things up every single time. You can learn more about the rush, rush of the matrix on our Patreon channel (yes, you are getting a preview of the type of content on that channel!). 

It is the rush of the matrix that taught us how to be impatient and expect instant gratification so we would end up self-disappointing ourselves when we don't see immediate results. Once we understand it take time and patience to achieve a goal, we are able to process the small accomplishments much easier as they become more noticeable. Remember, the smallest detail tells a big story sometimes! Any amount of progress going forward is progress. Do not discount the amount of progress based on size! 

When we are impatient for things, that can lead to lack of faith. This is another reason the fallen world likes to have many lacking faith due to being impatient while living in fear. Remember, it is fear that is the foundation for narcissist abuse in the first place. You can learn more about how fear is a significant player in this game of narcissism by viewing the link listed in the previous sentence. 

We do learn to become more patient as we stay in prayer and believe that God has already worked out whatever it is we need help with! Because He has already worked it out and all we need to do is have the God-like patience to watch it come to fruition. Jesus has the most God-like patience we could ever imagine! And we strive to develop that same patience daily as we continue on our walk with Christ. Thank you all for you continued support and patience as we get things back on track! Love and light, always. 


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