Why Seeking Revenge against Abusers is not Necessary

Branching out from the November 2022 newsletter, we don't need to seek revenge against the narcissistic abuser for many reasons. Some additional ones include the fact that they reap what the sow daily, even if unaware they do it to themselves. 

Once we overcome that brief season of wanting to seek revenge, yes, we all go through that until we learn that vengeance belongs to God, we can move forward and get into our purpose. The narcissistic abusers reap what they sow daily by dishing out their abuse and all that negativity. It always comes back to them like a boomerang. They may not see it but we do because we realize that life truly is what we make it.

We also learn that man destroys man and that God is not a God of suffering. After all, He awakened us to the abuse so we can start to heal and stop suffering at the hands of man, so to speak. Aside from the fact that seeking revenge will only have us stooping to their level, revenge is also rewarding evil for evil. Remember that God says are not to reward evil for evil, but we are to overcome evil with good. 

This does not mean we stay with the abuser or allow ourselves to tolerate the abuse, it means we remain kind in the face of evil, a superpower that God's strong warriors have. We want to obey God and His laws and principles, and that includes letting Him take care of the abusers for us. After all, God is always fighting our battles for us. Another important reason for not seeking revenge is that we don't want to become like them, the narcissistic abusers. 

Remember, one of many goals of the enemy is turn as many people as he can into a narcissistic abuser so he can have access to them through their subconscious mind where the heart and soul reside. As stated in the newsletter, revenge stems from anger, which is why the narcissistic abusers are the ones who will always seek revenge for no reason. They have the demon of anger that controls their vain imaginations that everyone is out the get them. 

When we let go of the feeling as though we want to seek revenge, we deliver ourselves out from under the demon of anger. And we understand better why God says to be slow to anger, meaning we don't let our emotions control us and we learn that all negative emotions are from the enemy. As always, you can learn more on our YouTube channel where there is something for all survivors at any stage in the healing and awakening process! 


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