Trauma Healing is Spiritual Healing

We do learn that trauma healing is spiritual healing. After all, heightened awareness is spiritual awareness and that means we will naturally go through the spiritual healing process. True chosen ones that is. Watch out for the fake narcissists who claim to want to heal!

We must go through the spiritual healing to be reconnected in mind, body, and spirit in order to figure out who we are in Christ. Who we are in Christ is true freedom. We don't get freedom from "man." We obtain freedom in Christ. It is through the spiritual healing that we find this freedom in Christ to be who we are authentically. Remember, authenticity comes from Christ. 

Another reason trauma healing is spiritual healing resides in the fact that we are spiritual beings giving off spiritual energies (emotions = spiritual energy in motion). Because we are the ones who put out spiritual energies, we must overcome the negative energies so we no longer get triggered to step out of character. I often refer to the process in the spiritual awakening as a ride over the rainbow to find the balance between the spiritual and the physical. 

Once we make it to the other side of that rainbow we are fully healed from all trauma and God will continue to reveal more spiritual truths. This is another reason why we must go through spiritual healing so that we can see and sense better in the spiritual when God reveals another truth. We don't want to miss what He shows us! 

Spiritual healing is necessary to overcome letting external energies trigger us so that we can get control of ourselves. The evildoers, aka narcissists will never understand how we can control our emotions and empathy by not giving them access to them. We go through the spiritual healing so that we stop giving the evildoers our precious gifts from God. We will only understand how empathy is the spiritual energy conduit when we go through the spiritual healing process. 

As always, you can learn more about how trauma healing is spiritual healing in this video on CHA's YouTube channel. You can always find the other social platforms where this ministry and work are located on the My Social page of CHA's website from the navigation drop-down menu. Keep healing and growing fellow warriors! Spiritual healing leads to the development of the healthy level of confidence we need to do God's perfect will. 

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