The “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” Mentality of Narcissism

One of the many things the system of narcissism likes to do is get people to forget things. It does this by getting people to push things out of sight and out of mind.

Why does the system of narcissism do that? Because it needs to keep people confused so they don’t see what is happening. So they don’t see the abuse. The same thing happens in an individual narcissistic abuse relationship. The abuser uses that cognitive dissonance against their target so they can get away with bad behavior. 

When we extrapolate that to the societal level, we start to notice the same exact patterns of abuse occurring. Many people get duped on a daily basis and it takes awhile to learn what is a deception and what is not. If you don’t see it yet, don’t worry. In time you will. We all do. Especially when living in God’s reality. 

I go into more detail about the different realities in this book about how narcissism is bred. It is a sequel to my first book about how narcissism is the work of the devil. 

The system of narcissism needs people to forget things so the evildoers can continue to try and control people. They also need to continue manipulating everyone’s emotions and psyche. The out of sight, out of mind mentality also enables the evildoers to shape your perception of reality. It is the perception management piece of the cognitive dissonance puzzle. 

Additionally, they use future faking to do this. After all, string someone along long enough, and they usually tend to forget the bad behaviors. It reminds me of why narcissistic abusers do the hoovering. Hoovering is like the game “peekaboo” because the abuser wants to see if they still have a place in your life. It is their illusion of control. They wait awhile before popping up, hoping you have forgotten their wicked ways. 

We see this happening on a larger scale when stories from the past pop back into circulation. It is a hoover for many who have forgotten the stories. And it serves to distract others who have never seen or heard the stories. The out of sight, out of mind is one of many ways the rulers of the darkness of this world are able to sweep their wickedness back under the rug. 

When they do this, a lot of people will forget as they find new ways to move on with their lives. At the same time, people will get sucked into a bunch of other things that distract them from God’s path for them. We have all been there and many are starting to wake up from the drama induced coma. Hence why it is extremely important to never forget what you have learned just because of a new circumstance. 

Yes, I have said that elsewhere and will repeat it as often as necessary. Why? Because in this system of narcissism that promotes the out of sight, out of mind mentality, it is easy to continue being snookered. We need to remain aware of the abuse, know the red flags well, and stay vigilant always. Little demon spirits will always be searching for a host. Don’t let them get control of your mind. 

And remember, the abuse is meant to keep people dissociated in mind, body, and spirit. In doing so, many will fall from grace and we don’t want to see that happen. The abuse is also meant to keep people traumatized and bonded to the world. I know many are not aware of the trauma bond to the world and will be explaining it further elsewhere. 

Until people wake up and realize the system of narcissism is abusing them, they will not understand what it means to break the trauma bond with the world. For now, we continue to raise awareness and let others decide for themselves what to do with the information.

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