Overcoming the Want to Fit In - Trauma Healing

We learn during the healing process that we were never meant to fit in with the world. God has a higher calling on our lives to help others. We do that inner work to discover what it is that God called us to do to help others and we realize we don't need to fit in with the world to do what we are called to do. 

God tells us that the world would love his own (John 15:19) for a reason. What He means by that is that if we try to fit in with the world, we lose ourselves in the process. Trying to fit in with the world leads to people not knowing who they are in Christ and thus, staying disconnected in mind, body and spirit. 

Plus, trying to fit in with the world leads to conforming to this world, which we are instructed not to do by God. Part of overcoming the want to fit in requires overcoming the fear of standing out from the crowd. We were made to stand out and be our authentic selves! Even the enemy cannot stop that from happening. So, where else does that want to fit in stem from? 

Since birth we were groomed to tolerate the abuse while being taught that we would never amount to anything unless we blended in with "a crowd," or something similar to that. We were told that we need to build a gigantic network in order to be considered "worthy." We now know all these teachings are lies from the devil himself. We were also told that no one will ever trust us unless we are considered "popular," so we tried hard to get in with what we perceived as the "popular" crowd at one time or another in our lives. 

We do learn that the popularity train is a trick of the enemy for "short-lived" experiences too. God is a long-term God. The enemy's time is short, so he operates on all things that are for instant gratification which sets people up to fall harder because they rose to the top too fast. More about how the popularity train is the a trick of the enemy in this video. We can say that wanting to fit in equates to wanting to be popular and we know that is what these narcissistic abusers are all about. 

Hence why we learn they live in their high school days where they thought they were popular to stroke their egos. We overcome that want to fit in by recognizing that popularity and fitting in is nothing more than a ruse to set people up for self-sabotage. Another tip to help overcome that want to fit in is we learn to stay in our lane, minding our business and doing what we need to do that God has instructed us to do. 

Once we grasp the fact that we don't need to fit in with the world because we are not meant to, it becomes easier to discover our purpose and to spot the wicked ways of the fallen world. After all, we are living on a planet where narcissistic abuse is dished out daily, turning many into abusers to do the bidding of the devil on the playground known as the matrix. We don't fit in with the matrix crowd! Never have and never will. And, more good news - We don't have to fit in to do what God calls us to do! 




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