Learning to Leave the Narcissists Where They Are

One of many things we learn in God's reality is how we are to leave the spiritually dead where they are at. We turn them over to God and keep our focus on Jesus. We don't let them get under our skin anymore and we don't let them dictate how we live our lives in God's reality. 

A large part of trauma healing is learning to let go of the stigma that "biological family" is all we have in this world and life. When we realize that at least 85% of our biological family members are narcs, we cannot ignore that! God reveals that our foes are in our own household for a reason. He means inside our biological family. Hence why many of us us simply walk away from them. 

We cut them off at the soul level (limited contact) until we can cut them off 100% with full no contact. Sounds harsh but it's truth. They conformed to this world and will remain toddlers in adult bodies. We want nothing to do with their chaos and drama. I had some family members ask why I don't stay in regular contact with my sibling and my response was, "Because there is always chaos and drama around her." And we now know where there is chaos and drama, there is narcissistic abuse. 

When we know there is chaos and drama present, we know there are narcissists involved. Plus, I now know who the jezebels are in my biological family and God tells us not to entertain familiar/demon spirits. We obey God. It is painful at first when we realize our family has been taken hostage by the devil. You can learn more about the jezebel spirit and how it operates in several YouTube videos on our channel. Once we can properly identify the jezebels, the part-time narcissists become easier to spot. 

We learn to stop giving them the attention they seek, our empathy, our compassion, and personal information. We learn how to move in silence and maintain strong boundaries. We don't have to tell them what our boundaries are - we show them. We don't need to tell them anything about our lives as we stay 'no contact' where and when possible. They already showed us who they are and that they don't want to grow up. Along with adhering to Matthew 8:22, we adhere to Matthew 10:37. 

Our walk with Jesus is ours and we cannot take the evildoers with us. When they fall out of our lives, that is God removing them because He knows they are a hindrance to and not helping our progress. Remember, for us to prosper, all distractions and evildoers must be out of God's way and He will make sure these things are out of His way. For some additional messages from God, you can watch the playlist titled "When God Speaks" on our YouTube channel! 

God does tell us when to leave the presence of evildoers too. He tells us not to walk in the counsel of the ungodly for a reason. He also knows our circumstances and will deliver us from any toxic environment at His appointed time. We leave them where they are in many ways and simply walking away is one of them. Once  we identify someone as a narcissist, we get quicker at walking away, leaving them where they are at. 

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