Being Called Crazy for Seeing in the Spiritual - You are not crazy!

Once we start to see what Jesus sees in the spiritual, narcissistic abusers will call us crazy. They cannot spiritually discern so they will think we are crazy. But what do we know about false accusations? 

As chosen survivors of narcissistic abuse, and I mean true chosen ones, we get used to being called crazy. We were never meant to fit in with the world anyway. We are not to conform to this world and walk in our purpose. It doesn't work that way. We cannot serve two masters. Either we are walking in our purpose or we are not. Of course, we must know what that is first. 

On the way to finding out what our purpose is, we are going to get used to being called crazy and looked at like we are crazy. Why? Because we don't "fit the image" the world paints for us to look like. We don't have spiritual wickedness in high places. We don't have negative emotions and thoughts like the narcissistic abusers do. We don't allow them to get under our skin anymore. 

If you are still overcoming narc fleas, keep going! The day will come when you no longer get easily triggered. Then it comes to that day where being called crazy for seeing what is going on in the spiritual no longer affects you! Once we can see in the spiritual, God reveals more every day so that we are not walking around out there in the narcissistic matrix oblivious to the tricks of the enemy. 

We are no longer oblivious to the enemy's devices because we can see in the spiritual. Of course the enemy doesn't want us to do that, but as stated often in YouTube videos and elsewhere, that's too bad because God is always in full control! God does tell us He will not have us ignorant to the enemy's tactics for a reason. So we will not keep being deceived over and over again. 

Seeing in the spiritual is a gift from God and we shall remember what He reveals always. And we will not be trauma bonded to another one of the devils flying monkey narcissistic abusers ever again once we break that trauma bond to the world! You can gain valuable insights all about how the trauma bond is formed at CHA Academy with God's wisdom and basic scientific facts in their simplicity. Stay the course and don't let the enemy trick you into internalizing being called crazy! 



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