Overcoming the Demon of Embarrassment

As we continue on this journey in God's reality, we learn more about how many negative emotions we have been exposed to during the abuse, especially on a societal level. The demon of embarrassment is just another low-level one. 

I share a brief story of how that demon of embarrassment never stuck to me from an early age in this video, where a family member had no qualms about passing gas in public. Adding to that, he also had this way of asking us girls to "pull his finger" to do so until we finally caught on to his game. Oh! And another favorite game of his was to roll up the windows in the car and lock them while passing gas so we couldn't roll them down. 

While it may seem like torture, it was all for his entertainment. I know, sounds gross for some but later in life we learn to laugh at those moments. I look at it as a lesson because it helped overcome any unnecessary feelings of embarrassment, which proved to be quite useful later in life, even to this day. And no, he doesn't care if I share the story either. That's the beauty of learning to not care what others think because it allows us to be who we are and not feel guilty about it! 

That would be another thing the demon of embarrassment likes to do - make people feel guilty for being who they are, once they know who they are in Christ. See, the demon of embarrassment loves to trip people up into giving up their individuality. Am I saying it's okay to pass gas in public, no, but I am saying that it doesn't matter. Whatever someone does in public or at home that may seem embarrassing is just them being who they are. We learn in God's reality what matters and what doesn't. 

Plus, we learn to let others be who they are. Narcissistic abusers on the other hand, would like to make people feel guilty about being who they are, no matter where it is. Oh, and we are the ones who decide whether we will behave a certain way in public or at home. For empaths, we are pretty darn consistent with how we are in pubic and at home because we don't wear a mask of perfection. That illusion of perfection. If I happen to burp in public, I say excuse me. 

Most of us do that. But narcissistic abusers will be embarrassed by that because they seek perfection. As if humans are supposed to be "perfect." Nah. We are to be human with respect, of course. So don't let the demon of embarrassment take over your life. It isn't worth it. No demon spirit is worth it. Just live and let live! Love and light, always. 

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