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CHA's Online Event - Action Creates Traction - Ticket

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CHA's online event "Action Creates Traction" digital ticket for Sunday, February 18, 2024 @ 2 pm ET in place of the regular Let's Just Chat show! We must put what we learn into action to create traction for pulling down strongholds (breaking trauma bonds). After all, traction is pulling power! The pulling power is maximized the more we put our newfound skills into action to get ready for God's next level-up. 

Be sure to keep the email that comes with the ticket to save the video link provided for the event! If you do accidentally lose the video link, please send me an email and I will resend it to you. Remember the biggest perk to CHA's online events is that once you have the unlisted video link, you can go and watch the replay as often as you need to! Another important reason for saving the video link. 

If you are unable to attend the actual live and you purchase this ticket, the same applies to you for being able to watch the replay with the unlisted video link. CHA's online events are a win-win for everyone who buys a ticket! 

*Updated 11/20/23 to allow more time for everyone to get their tickets.