Consulting for Heightened Awareness

One Month Forensic Consultations

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Do you have a bizarre case with gaps in the stories and evidence? Are there missing puzzle pieces or evidence? I, Michelle Dickey, a forensic consultant can help you find out what those missing pieces are and obtain closure for the victim (s) and all parties involved in the case. I specialize in narcissistic abuse, aka domestic violence, but can help with anything that requires a forensic analysis. Sometimes the forensic analysis can take up to one month to complete, so this option is perfect for cases that need more dot-connecting than one day or one week. 

As stated in the product collection description, we will communicate via email, phone, or virtual to discuss the details, and set up a time and day for either in local visit (currently in Orange County, Florida) or for a virtual analysis if not local. There are no contracts or retainers needed. I provide you with your results and explain in detail what I find, the how and why behind what really happened! If you have any questions, you can reach out at or 704-245-4340. I look forward to helping you get that closure to move forward