Email Subscription Information

Hello fellow warriors!

New revelations as to the email subscription for the free monthly newsletter (which automatically enters you into the random product giveaways, even if you already know the information).

If any of you have subscribed and have not been receiving the newsletters, there are several reasons for this.

  1. The mailer-daemon sent it back to me with a message that your inbox is full.
  1. The mailer-daemon sent it back to me with a message the email is invalid.
  1. The subscription did not go through on the website.
  1. When the mailer-daemon sent it back to me, I removed the email from the list.

Since the last point, we have learned that sometimes certain email platforms accidentally flag emails from as unrecognized or spam. We learn to always check our spam folders before assuming we never got the email.

When that happens, I will go to the alternate business email,, and send it that way. Now, IF the mail-daemon sends it back again, and the error code says “invalid email” again, I will remove the email from the list manually.

Good news! For those of you who still want to receive the free monthly newsletter, I encourage you to re-subscribe at the bottom of the website and allow at least one to three days to make sure it goes through, and then I will get it out to you asap.

Thank you for understanding and for your patience as we worked to resolve these technical issues!


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