CHA's Masterclasses

CHA's live masterclasses and masterclass replays with God's wisdom for trauma healing and spiritual growth! You will get tips, insights, inspiration, education, and motivation to keep going with the 'how tos' for overcoming different obstacles associated with trauma healing from abuse. All you need is a pen and notebook, or whatever tools you prefer for taking notes! When attending the live masterclasses, you can get some questions answered in real-time as well. 

For questions from the replay, I will get to those as soon as possible. All live masterclasses are scheduled in advance and you can reserve your spot right here for a limited time by purchasing the current masterclass. You will receive a video link to join the live masterclass on the scheduled day at the scheduled time! If unable to attend the live, once enrolled at CHA Academy, you will gain access to the replay and future live masterclasses! 

How to Break the Dependency on External Validation masterclass is now available at CHA Academy

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