BTBW Magazine

The BTBW (Breaking the Trauma Bond to the World) magazine is a great long-term resource to help trauma survivors overcome common obstacles to break trauma bonds to heal and grow spiritually. 

The first step to overcoming the trauma bond to an abuser and to the world is breaking the dependency on external validation. We also learn to choose our battles wisely while unlearning the indoctrination of impatience by not watching water boil. We learn to get out from under a victim mentality and into a survivor mentality! We also learn to accept that we have been lied to since birth about many things on the world stage. Vol. 1, Issue 2 contains more information to help you start breaking trauma bonds! 

In God's reality, we learn that we co-create our reality in His reality to get into our purpose, God's calling on our lives to serve His kingdom while lifting others up and helping them overcome trauma associated with narcissistic abuse. 

If you don't have an application that will open the PDF on your PC, you can download the free Adobe reader here. Most tablets and phones have an application that will open PDF files, such as Apple Books on the iPhone and iPad!