BTBW Magazine

Here is The Breaking the Trauma Bond to the World (BTBW) magazine. The magazine will contain information from previous free monthly newsletters for those who would like a refresher and for those who didn't subscribe during the times those newsletters were made available. 

This PDF digital download is available on up to 3 devices so you can read it anywhere you go! The very first newsletter was about breaking that dependency on external validation as this is step number one to breaking trauma bonds. 

As stated in the magazine and elsewhere, that simply means overcoming unhealthy attachments to people and things. There is a lot that goes into it, so I bring you all tidbits in the free monthly newsletters, and then after several months, I put it all together with more insight into each component. 

If you don't have an application that will open the PDF on your PC, you can download the free Adobe reader here. Most tablets and phones have an application that will open PDF files, such as Apple Books on the iPhone and iPad!